Warnung vor Kauf bei FlightSim Store

  • Heute eine Mail von Pilots:



    At PILOT’S we have just received news that The FlightSim Store has officially declared

    bankruptcy and is now closing down for good in the coming weeks. This culminates a lengthy

    episode of many problems with the store, both for customers and developers. You may or

    may not have already noticed that downloads from The FlightSim Store for customers who

    have purchased PILOT’S mesh products, such as FS Global 2018 or FS Global Ultimate –

    Next Generation, are unavailable or can no longer be validated and thus installed.

    What does this mean for The FlightSim Store customers who have purchased any of these

    two PILOT’S FS Global mesh products?

    PILOT‘S has setup a transfer mechanism in conjunction with simMarket. This will allow

    customers of The FlightSim Store to transfer their PILOT’S FS Global mesh purchase from

    The FlightSim Store to simMarket for a small fee. This transfer fee, which covers the

    download bandwidth and transaction handling by simMarket, is reimbursed through a coupon

    discount that PILOT’S have put in place, and is activated once the transfer from The

    FlightSim Store to simMarket is complete.

    How does it work?

    Follow the link below to access your product at the simMarket store, then purchase the

    product. You must use the exact same email address you used when purchasing at The

    FlightSim Store! If you do not have access to it any more, please contact us BEFORE you

    complete the purchase. At checkout use the coupon code below. It will reduce the price to

    EUR 16,-- (plus VAT, if any!). This is the initial small cost you need to invest to cover

    simMarkets download bandwidth and handling.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not use the coupon, but pay the full price, we CANNOT refund the

    difference! So MAKE SURE you use the coupon code! If you have any difficulties or

    questions, it is imperative that you contact us BEFORE you complete the purchase!

    Also IMPORTANT: You must complete the purchase in one stream! Once you go back (even

    if you correct something or have forgotten to check you agree with terms etc) it will be gone!

    That is a feature of simMarket store. Also local VAT (if any) will be added to the price. It is a

    net value coupon. If you see "delivery fee", it is a wording problem at simmarket/paypal.

    There is no delivery fee, just proceed with the check out.

    After the purchase is complete, you will be able to immediately download and use your

    PILOT’S FS Global mesh product. You will also receive a brand new serial key, which you will

    have to use from then on. Your old serial key from your purchase at The FlightSim Store will

    be revoked and invalid.

    Transfer here: http://t1p.de/gxfv

    At checkout use the following coupon code


    So how exactly is the purchase transfer fee reimbursed?

    Once PILOT‘S has received your purchase notification from simMarket, you will be sent

    another coupon code with a value EXCEEDING the value of the purchase transfer fee for

    use on any product at our store at http://www.fsim.net.

    Please note that this offer for transferring your FS Global purchase from The FlightSim Store

    to simMarket EXPIRES on 15 January 2019.

    We again thank you for your patronage and continuing support of PILOT'S. This is much

    appreciated and helps us to create more and even better products for current and upcoming

    flight simulators.

    Thank you!

    Stefan Schaefer

    PILOT'S GesmbH


    Wer dort gekauft hat kann jetzt noch seine Downloads nochmal runterladen als Backup, falls noch nicht getan.

  • Das ist leider Augenwischerei! Die eminent wichtigen, großen Dateien kann man nicht mehr herunterladen.

    Bei mir z.B.

    - PILOT'S - FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible (Download

    - PILOT'S - FS Global 2018 FTX Compatible (Download

    (hatte die Files aber schon vorher gesichert, wollte nur nochmal ausprobieren)

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